Need to connect with your team during COVID-19?

Simplified Workforce Communications

Rodio’s simple communications platform connects a dispersed workforce to the employees and systems needed for job success.


Managing Communications in organizations with large, dispersed teams of on-the-clock employees

Most organizations still communicate through email, failing to meet their growing, always-connected mobile workforce’s needs.

How Email Puts Your Organization Behind:

  • Provides little to no visibility into employee engagement
  • Easy to ignore, it often fails to reach mobile-first workers preferring chat tools
  • Considered irrelevant and legacy by most current employess
  • Offers no insights into internal communications


Consider up-to-date technology the most important aspect of 
a workplace


Rodio Rounds Up Your Team

Discover a comprehensive communications platform your teams will enjoy using. Designed for organizations with dispersed teams working variable hours, this simple tool delivers relevant messages to the right teammates at the right time.


Rodio Aligns to Your Organization

On-boarding, team management and access control are simplified, making administration easy and efficient. Communications flow through the organizational hierarchy naturally. This creates clear lines of accountability, and timely paths for feedback, enabling effective workforce engagement and management.


Workforce Communications Simplified

Recover Time and Revenue

Rodio offers streamlined communications, which boosts employee productivity and results in better service for your end customers.

Reduce Liability Issues

Tied to org charts with on and off-duty targeting, user privacy and message encryption*, this secure platform ensures compliance and reduces liability.

Slash Inefficiencies

A hub where you can integrate all of your employee communications and resources in one place, which ultimately saving time, energy and money. 

Increase Employee Retention & Engagement

Thoughtfully designed and mobile friendly, Rodio is a simple platform your people will find familiar and easy-to-use. This tool has the ability to capture data insight, employee sentiment and engagement.

Elevate the Customer Experience

Our platform enables instant communication and direction to your frontline employees, ensuring the end customer’s needs are met in real time.

“We have been using Rodio to encourage team collaboration communication across our organization to troubleshoot customer questions and share important information. Rodio has allowed our leaders to communicate best practices to keep our employees engaged, be updated on our latest training, and celebrate accomplishments of employees and locations. Rodio has become our one stop shop for information.”
Erin Hester

Manager, Bluegrass Cellular