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Simplified Workforce Communications

Rodio connects dispersed workforces to the people and systems needed for job success.


Managing Communications in Large and Dispersed Organizations 

Front-line workers drive sales performance, operational results, and customer satisfaction every day.

They are essential and have a huge impact on the value of your brand.

They are also the most under-served by existing workplace technologies and applications.

Take your communications beyond the 10%-15% read rates of email (the easiest communication method to ignore and get away with it).


First pass acknowledgement rate for Rodio Bulletins

Serving Customers and Seizing Business Opportunities:

Beat your competitors and grow your business by providing consistently great customer service through your engaged employees.

Engaged employees consistently deliver:

  • Improved customer ratings
  • Improved profitability
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced turnover
  • Improved quality

Average Interactions per Shift


Set your People up for Success

Engage your people locally and across your organization

  • Ensure the safety of employees and customers
  • Create awareness and alignment
  • Elevate the topics that matter most
  • Empower field teams to take action with confidence
  • Increase participation in contests, promotions and programs
  • Secure acknowledgment of new policies and procedures
  • Drive actions that create efficiency
  • Share best practices and strategies for success
  • Create a culture of common goals and winning together

Rodio Aligns to the Real Roles in your Unique Organization

Unlimited Flexibility Easily Managed

Your people go above and beyond their “org chart” jobs every day, and your communication platform should do the same.

Rodio’s game-changing Corral Management Solution provides unprecedented organizational flexibility and control with simple administration and total traceability.

built for you

Learn More by the Industry Your Front-line Organization Serves


Rodio is the perfect platform to connect your stores to each other and to your central support and leadership staff. Align your organization around customer service, new promotions and sales goals every day.


Your clients depend on your people to deliver exceptional services on their behalf. Use Rodio to keep your program teams aligned and focused on client goals. Improve program metrics and delivery quality and increase client satisfaction and retention.


Care is moving to the home and remote facilities. Your caregivers need to stay connected to you as they serve your patients throughout the day. Make them feel supported and safe and improve care quality with Rodio’s unified communications.


Guests value above-and-beyond service from your employees wherever they are in your hotel, resort, theme park, etc. Empower your people to have answers and be able to get support at the moment they need it. Customers will reward you with loyalty to your brand.