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Rodio - 5 Steps to Improve Dispersed Employee Communications

Even in the office setting, where you might be communicating with someone three doors down the hallway, it can be hard to make sure important messages are getting read and responded to in a timely manner. Front-line team communications adds layers of complexity to this problem. Imagine the challenge when the recipient of your message  isn’t sitting at a computer, or in the same building, or even in the same state? 

An inability to engage a large, dispersed workforce can introduce problems such as employee frustration and churn, customer dissatisfaction and even governance and legal liabilities. 

Consider these 5 concepts to ensure your organization’s internal communications strategy flourishes. 

(1) Centralize Communication

Communication networks can quickly become saturated within your organization. Current tools in enterprise networks fail to meet the fast pace, real-time communication needs of the field. Often, this results in employees taking communication into their own hands. As a result, multiple “unregulated” platforms may emerge for communicating, scheduling and task management. This results in wasted time and energy, and it also creates confusion around where important messages will be sent and received. 

Creating a unified home for all messaging, including group and direct chatting along with phone and video conferencing, is essential in making sure the right messages get to the right people. 

(2) Empower your Frontline Workers

Front-line employees are the lifeline of your business. They do the ever-important customer-facing work in your business. They are where your service or product has the chance to shine. Dispersed workers are masters of working independently. Empower them by cutting out extra steps to getting the job done. Save them time, energy and frustration by connecting them to the people and systems that help them be successful. Do this, and watch your business grow and become more effective and efficient. Giving your frontline workers the tools and resources they need to accomplish their job will build their confidence, increase retention rates and improve employee happiness. Your customers will notice!

(3) Cut Through Background Noise

Large group communication channels are great for team collaboration and motivation, however they can become a black-hole for important messages. Have your ever found yourself scrolling endlessly upwards in order to find that important document your boss sent? Further, how do managers ensure their employees are receiving important messages and following-up on actionable tasks? Rodio provides communication tools to make it easy to ensure important messages and documents cut through background noise and reach the right people at the right time.

(4) Tighten the Feedback Loop

It’s no secret that employees  grow through feedback, constructive guidance, mentorship from, and connection to leaders. Feedback contributes to employee satisfaction, and 68% of employees who receive accurate and consistent feedback feel fulfilled at their jobs. Communication technology is essential in providing feedback to the 63% of Gen Z workers that say they want to hear timely, constructive performance feedback. Rodio provides the perfect platform for managers to engage their employees consistently. These tools create paths for employees to share ideas, raise concerns and ensure that questions are heard. 

(5) Create Community 

Most importantly, communication is a way to create community and culture in your organization. Culture shines through how your employees communicate, whether that’s through colorful infographics, team recognition photos, rallying conference calls or playful memes. How team members talk to each other reflects how they will interact with customers. It’s a great indicator of the health of your organization from the store floor and up. 

Summary – Use the right technology to  enable the right communication strategy

The opportunity to “catch up with your coworker at the water cooler” doesn’t exist for the front-line. This creates the need for solutions like Rodio to build relationships and connect problem solvers together in your organization. Internal communication is changing: The where, how and why of employee communications are shifting towards mobile-first platforms. Learn more about how Rodio can ensure your organization is prepared for this shift.

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