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The COVID-19 event taking place is impacting the country on an individual, business and community level. The service industry, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare and staffing have been particularly hard hit by the circulating health concerns. It is essential for these businesses to maintain a reliable communication stream throughout the period of this crisis. Rodio’s frontline communication tools provide an ideal resource for keeping organizations informed at this critical time.

Communication Breakdown

Organization crisis occurs when uncontrollable environmental factors override the workforce with uncertainty and fear. Communication is often the first element to breakdown during a crisis. Misinformation can spread rapidly and field teams may turn to informal platforms to search for answers . Undoubtedly, your front-line teams will need direction from you during COVID-19. It will be critical that you remain in control of that communication, and proactively anticipate and respond to your workforce’s needs. 

Conditions are changing quickly and your communication response to this crisis should be just as fast. Frontline employees need to remain updated on the steps your organization is taking to protect your people, assets and brand. A crisis can only be managed by focusing on what can be controlled; Rodio allows you to control top-down, targeted communication. 

Communicating During COVID-19 

We believe that  there are two essential elements to a successful crisis communication plan. 

Rapid Onboarding 

Rodio provides one platform that ensures that your message is clear and that all user groups who should get it have access. Rodio offers two means to rapid onboarding for an organization: 

  • User Import Onboarding – Use an existing list of your users from your HR system, and/or create an import file, and import users into Rodio. 
    • Result: Users download the app and login using only their cell phone number. 
  • Role Code Onboarding – 
    • Assigned role codes align to your organization. 
    • Every Role is assigned a Code. 
    • Result: Users can download the Rodio app and self-service onboard into your company using their designated Role Code. 

Rodio’s onboarding methods are designed for extreme speed and ease of use. An organization can be onboarded in a day so that communication can begin immediately

Top-down, Targeted Communication 

  • Bulletins
    • Provides controlled, trackable key information to all users.
    • Can be tailored by role code groupings so that the right employee group is getting the correct information
    • Leadership has full transparency on who is receiving and responding and when. This includes, read receipts and real-time survey feedback.
    • Bulletins have a wide range of content and attachment capability. 

All of these features are designed to facilitate communication and efficiency in large dispersed teams. 

Rodio Can Help 

We will provide organizations in need with rapid and no-cost** access to Rodio during the Covid-19 crisis. Visit our COVID-19 Response Page to contact the Rodio team. We promise to respond quickly and evaluate how we can serve your needs.

** Limitations, restrictions and conditions apply. Your request for no-cost support will be evaluated during the initial consultation.