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At work, you use the tool that is best suited to help you get the job done efficiently and effectively. Workplace communications is an essential component for field teams, and your employees should be using the right tool to help them effectively communicate. 

Rodio is a workplace communications platform built to enhance collaboration across location, department and role amongst frontline employees. Uniting asynchronous and real-time communications under one mobile-friendly platform will drive engagement and keep teams updated and informed on key information needed to complete their daily work. Correctly implemented and interacted with, the Rodio platform can bring a number of benefits including:

  • Unifying communications by connecting corporate staff to the dynamic front-line workforce to break down silos and drastically increase collaboration and action.
  • Delivering critical information and receiving instant acknowledgement on announcements.
  • Driving internal discussions around key trends and topics in your organization.
  • Hosting all work related communications in one place for dependable internal communications for simplicity and accountability. 

Giving team members the power to communicate directly with their peers and managers is a powerful enabler for collaboration and productivity. However, company communications available at the fingertips of your team members comes with a responsibility to communicate safely and respectfully.  Rodio has put together the following Communication Best Practices guidelines for frontline teams working on a communications platform to build a friendly space for employees to share questions, feedback and other work-related information.

Rodio Communications Toolkit

Feature Use Cases

Rodio has a variety of features for your organization’s communication needs. Whether you need to send a private message, generate a collaborative response or grab the attention of a team – Rodio communication features have you covered. 

Messaging in channels is best for “real-time” daily conversations. Rodio utilizes Company Channels and Direct Message Channels for daily chatter. 

Messaging in channels is best for “real-time” daily conversations. Rodio utilizes Company Channels and Direct Message Channels for daily chatter. 

  • Company Channels – Company Channels are automatically assigned to users based on their role or location in your organization. 
  • Direct Message Channels – Users have the ability to create a DM with one or more users in the organization for an “ad hoc” conversation. 

Bulletins offer a separate path to sharing more focused, announcement-orientated information that can be targeted at specific groups of users. Bulletins are designed to cut through the daily chatter that occurs in message channels. Common use cases for Bulletins include sharing announcements, org policies, urgent weather changes, key topic updates and other information that requires employee acknowledgment. There are three Bulletin types in Rodio: 

  • Standard Bulletins – The lowest urgency Bulletin type is pinned to the recipient’s Dashboard until they mark it as “Read.”
  • Priority Bulletins – Great for urgent communications, Priority Bulletins are highlighted and pinned to the top of the Dashboard until the recipient marks “Acknowledge” after opening the Bulletin.
  • Required Bulletins – Required Bulletins should only be used in extreme situations where communication is more important than the recipient’s immediate job at hand. Required Bulletins will interrupt the recipient’s experience on the app and they will not be able to exit the Required Bulletin view until they select “Acknowledge.”

All three Bulletin types support a variety of auxiliary features including comments and tagging.

Rodio Channels and Bulletins come together on the Dashboard, which is a home screen where all work-related notifications and tools can be easily accessed.

The Rodio communication toolkit offers the perfect feature set for your organization’s communication needs. Schedule a discovery call today to learn more!