Effective Crisis Communications

The pandemic event taking place is heavily impacting the service industry, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare and staffing. Rodio’s frontline communication tools provide an ideal resource for keeping organizations informed at this critical time. We are offering* expedited and no-cost access to Rodio to support companies with these challenges through May 30th, 2020.


Instantly communicate with your workforce using Rodio Bulletins. Bulletins are easy for team members to receive and acknowledge, allow for a wide range of attachments and content, and offer realtime receipt and read status. Surveys can be included in bulletins to receive instant feedback from the field.


Know the status of your communications and quickly duplicate, edit and re-notify your organization as needed.


Rodio can get your organization on-boarding onto a secure and controlled frontline communication platform in less than 48 hours using one of our rapid on-boaring methods.

User Import On-Boarding – Use an existing list of users and mobile numbers from your HR system. Rodio can synchronize with this list and users can access the platform instantly, landing in the correct role and receiving the correct information on their first log-in.

Role Code On-boarding – Users can use self-service on-boarding with only your company name and a company-issued Role Code. Once they provide their information and the code, and you approve their on-boarding request, the gain instant access and receive the correct permissions and pending information.

We are here to help…

Complete this form and we will respond quickly to evaluate how we can serve your needs and whether this offer applies. Upon approval, we will provide the following:

  • Consultation call to evaluate on-boarding plan and provide access to on-boarding toolkit
  • A provisioned Rodio company and administrative access to manage it
  • Access to Rodio features for crisis communications including Bulletins and Team Chat Channels
  • Access to video tutorials for use of key Rodio features

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* Limitations, restrictions and conditions apply. Your request for no-cost support will be evaluated during the initial consultation.