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Secure & Seamless Onboarding

Getting your employees onto a new workplace tool has never been easier. Employees can login to your company on Rodio using only their phone number in a matter of minutes.

Onboarding Requirements

Control the onboarding experience and limit liability by ensuring all new hires read and acknowledge company policies before their first day on the job.


Policies & Procedures

Keep your team members updated and informed on company news, procedures, and other important policies.

Contests & Promotions

Excellent for running contests and getting attention on key topics, bulletins allow you to see who is engaged. 


During an emergency, you can use alerts to override the employee experience in the app and require an acknowledgment.

Customer Focus

Keep teams focused on your customers by sharing best practices and training materials.


Provide customer connections to your engaged people, conveniently and easily.

SMS sessions allow your employees to virtually rally around your customers’ needs.

Your customers get amazing service and your people feel supported, empowered, and confident.

Watch the SMS Sessions Demo


 Rodio messaging delivers a friendly and familiar chat experience that you govern and control. Messaging allows you to consistently engage and support your teams in real-time. Rodio’s messaging features are built to motivate fun, safe, and appropriate discussion.

  • Foster collaboration through admin channels, group chats and DM’s
  • Replies organically create threads and keep the conversation going on specific topics
  • Customizable emoji reactions can be used for quick acknowledgment or to express an opinion on topics
  • Search for what matters most using quick-filters and save your favorite search terms


Curbside Bot

Create a bot for the growing demand in curbside pick-up. Receive messages when customers arrive and are ready to pick-up their orders.

Reminder Bot

Build custom reminders for employees throughout their workday. Reminders can appear as bulletins, and team or direct messages.

Onboarding Bot

Create a custom interactive onboarding experience for new hires.

Schedule Bot

Remind employees to punch-in 10 minutes before their shift starts and 10 minutes before it ends. 

Health Check-in Bot

A health bot can require employees to record and report their temperature.