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Partners Expand Rodio’s Capabilities and Value to You

Rodio’s Current Integration Partnerships Unlock More Potential

Rodio connects learning management, point-of-sale, data collection, time management, and other business-critical t ools through a single UI.

Time & Attendance

Kronos® simplifies the tedious tasks involved with monitoring employee time and attendance, labor tracking, and data collection. Our completely automated time-tracking software — working in tandem with our time clocks, an interactive voice response (IVR) system or mobile device — helps you control labor costs and minimize compliance risk, while improving workforce productivity and engagement.


Kronos® labor forecasting and scheduling solutions take the guesswork out of aligning the right talent, in the right place, at the right time. Our automated scheduling solutions, powered by the advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of AIMEE™, eliminate manual processes to help ensure optimal labor coverage for every shift, every day. And with more accurate labor forecasting you gain the insight you need to better predict labor needs.

Route Planning

Passport’s route planning & scheduling application for work order / task scheduling, geo-spatial mapping, dispatch & tracking, and route optimization results in increased control, accurate payroll and invoicing, a more productive field service organization and an improved bottom line.

  • Achieve optimized routes with geospatial mapping and easy-to-use drage & drop functionality
  • Minimize travel times, mileage and costs with route optimization
  • Validate skill sets, balance workloads and control overtime with various integrated views
  • Allow employees to be responsive and productive with wireless dispatch or approval, and intra-day changes


Build and send surveys to any level of your organization, and view real-time reporting.

Data Collection

Bring real-time updates to your reporting by integrating our data collection solution with your existing IT systems. Turn information into action and ensure your organization’s continuous improvement with

Real-time Management

Connect your stores organization to expert virtual management and ever-present support through Rodio.


Elevate Customer Experiences

Phobio builds flexible device trade-in and workforce communication platforms that enable action and propel brands into the future.