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Rodio provides prioritized, secure and trackable communication tools aligned to a company’s organization and scheduling model. Industries can leverage their communication framework and unify the mobile work experience with advanced features such as polls, geolocation, single-sign-on, chat bots, mobile integration portals and more.


  • Slash Inefficiencies
  • Boost Productivity
  • Reduce Liability
  • Improve the Customer Experience
  • Increase Employee Retention

Boost Productivity

Single Sign-On with Customizable Branding

Use your company’s own Single Sign On (SSO) URL to authenticate users and give access to integrated systems.



Rodio takes Platform Security Seriously

Rodio recognizes that our customers put security first. That makes protecting your data our number one priority. That is why we go above and beyond industry expectations in how we safeguard customer information.


  • World class data†encryption
  • Real time availability monitoring
  • Industry standard security controls to protect customer data
  • Privacy and Information Security Policies
  • SAML powered SSO
  • Compliance with†the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Access to our infrastructure is cloud-based with access tightly controlled through a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), blocking any unauthorized access
Communication to and from our servers use HTTPS to ensure the security of all traffic. Additionally, our data is encrypted at rest to increase the security of your data even more.
Each company’s data is segmented and access is restricted based on the permissions of the user. You own your data and we purposefully collect the minimum required information, protecting your data from any exposure to external access.
Our systems are monitored 24/7 to ensure best-in-class availability. We use machine learning to detect any anomalies in our platform usage. The Rodio Technology Security Team is on call for security alerts 24/7.
Rodio stays updated on the most recent and secure industry standards by putting our operations and development environments through rigorous internal security testing. Rodio is committed to ensuring our customers have access to the security tools they need to maintain compliance with the applicable privacy regulations.
For our customers who’ve invested in their own identity provider, we can integrate seamlessly using the industry standard SAML2 protocol.

Slash Inefficiency

Easy Onboarding

Easily manage employee access, invite new hires to Rodio and remove off-boarded staff. Rodiobot walks each new user through the sign-up process and app features.

On-the-Go & In-the-Know Training

Organizations can get important updates, and collect timely feedback, with bulletins and polls. Make sure that your teams are current and focused on what matters most for unified success.

Unified Work Experience

With Rodio, employees escape managing various bookmarks, usernames and passwords to all their systems. Integrations merge access to the tools workers use into the same app they communicate in. Connect your teams to useful tools and people all in the same application experience. Further, native SSO support for multiple SSO methods makes integrations easier.

Increase Compliance

Analytics & Reporting

Keep tabs on employee productivity and monitor the health of your mobile teams and stores through Rodio’s smart analytics and reporting feature.

Increase Employee Retention

Polls & Surveys

Easily create surveys to gather real-time feedback and suggestions from your team.

In-App Calling

Users can make direct calls to teammates through Rodio.
In-app calls are anonymous, so users never have to worry about their personal phone number being shared.

Key Platform Features

Our Ever-Growing List of Features

Targeted Bulletins

Send announcements and updates to the entire company or specific teams, and receive reports showing who has read them.

Group, Team and Direct Chat

Team members can connect in small groups or chat one-on-one. Rodio masks each phone number for privacy, and users can flag messages for inappropriate content.

Document Drawers

Keep your team on the same page by sharing photos, videos, PDFs and other files to the Document Drawer.

Easy Onboarding

Easily manage employee access, invite new hires to Rodio and remove off-boarded staff. Rodiobot walks each new user through the sign-up process and app features.


Rodio provides on and off-duty messaging controls to ensure employees do not receive notifications when they’re off the clock.

RodioBot AI

This AI virtual assistant connects with various systems, providing users with instant access to schedules, HR management solutions, employee handbook resources and more.

Best-in-Class User Experience

Rodio focuses on making user experience a first-class feature. We believe that the application deployed to your workforce isn’t judged by other enterprise tools, but rather by the consumer-grade apps they use every day.

We focus on creating intuitive user experiences and applying them to the needs of the enterprise, creating an intuitive experience for the end-users, while operating within the parameters of the shifting regulatory environment, while controlling costs.

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