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With retail teams scattered around the country working busy, inconsistent shifts, it can be challenging to communicate with store employees. Discover Rodio.

Your Hub for Employee Communications.

Rodio is an easy-to-use communications platform for dispersed teams that solves leadership issues, drives engagement and improves the end customer experience.This simple tool delivers prioritized, secure and trackable messages, information and surveys to the right teammates at the right time.

User-Centric Design

Offering a great user experience, Rodio is built within your company’s HR org charts, ensuring only the correct, on-the-clock employees receive each real-time message. Not only does our simple platform allow HQ to speed up communications—it also helps franchisees run their business more smoothly.

Rodio Helps Your Franchise

Recover Time and Revenue



Improve Customer Experiences

Increase Employee Retention & Engagement

Ready to Simplify Communications with Rodio?