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Product Features

We built a comprehensive feature set on a powerful and completely new concept for workplace platform administration.

There is simply nothing else like it for the retail industry.

Rodio App Product Features


Disrupting Frontline Execution, One Message at a Time

The key is choosing the right communication platform for your company and the problem is that there are a lot of products that simply do not successfully support the needs, realities and complexities of retail. Rodio’s features were specifically designed to meet the demands of managing a frontline workforce.


Watch Adoption Soar Using Self On-Boarding Profiles

Rodio provides easy to manage and deploy self-onboarding for remote teams. Making onboarding easy for you and your teams is essential for rapid adoption.

  • Create unique onboarding profiles based on common attributes.
  • Customize onboarding messages for each profile
  • Download Rodio, enter your phone number and profile code and acknowledge the message
  • Gain access to your company and assigned features upon manager approval


Deliver Effective Top-Down Communications with Bulletins

Messaging is great for staying connected… but falls apart when you want to make an announcement. When communication matters, use a Bulletin. Bulletins deliver effective communications for your most important messages. 

  • Top-down communications requiring special permissions to create and send
  • Employees gain access to bulletin inboxes through Rodio’s attributes and rules in Corral
  • Bulletins remain in an employee’s inbox until they are read and/or acknowledged – you decide
  • Completed bulletins are archived and searchable for future reference

Bulletin Types

Rodio’s two Bulletin types allow you to decide how people receive and handle critical news.

    • Acknowledge: Bulletins require a recipient to read and acknowledge (ideal for policies and attestation)
    • Alert: Bulletins prevent further app actions until they are acknowledged (ideal for emergencies)

Bulletin Reporting

Today, you might have to send a message multiple times, through multiple channels, in the hopes your team reads and understands the information. With Bulletins, every read and every acknowledgment is tracked and reported in real-time. Ensure and verify that you are heard when it matters most.


Focus Teams on Your Goals with the Home Dashboard

The days of the back office bulletin board with schedules and tasks tacked to it are dead. The Rodio Home dashboard is a configurable “one-stop-shop” for key updates. Go beyond notifications and feeds to keep teams focused on your goals.

  • Give your teams one place to see channel activity and unread bulletins
  • Add dashboard components to call out key Rodio actions that need attention
  • Connect dashboard components to external data or custom applications to expand capabilities
  • Configure dashboard components flexibly using Rodio attributes and rules in Corral


Create an Engaging & Collaborative Environment Using Messaging

Rodio messaging delivers a friendly and familiar social user experience that you control. Messaging allows you to consistently offer interaction and support to your teams. Frontline message features are built to motivate fun, safe, and appropriate discussion.



Users can collaborate through admined channels, group chats and DM’s



Use replies to create threads and keep the conversation going on specific topics


Configure your company’s top reaction emojis for easy access


Report inappropriate messages to hide content and notify administrators



Find content using quick-filters & save frequent searches for what matters 


Administer Team Channels and track user-created channels


Organize content using Folders

Folders prioritize important content to help keep you organized. Build a dynamic and custom content library for every employee in your organization.

  • Rodio supports document, image and video attachments and Folders organize shared attachments
  • Allow users to add documents to shared folders, ensuring trending materials are easy to access
  • Create custom personal folders to organize the content you access frequently


Direct organization discussions using Tags

Take control of your organization’s discussion by elevating the power of content tagging with Rodio’s unique Company Promoted Tags. Harness the power of tags and drive focus to your desired topics.

  • View stats on every #Tag used on messages, bulletins, and attachments
  • Elevate the visibility of tags that are important to the company with Company Promoted #Tags in Corral
  • Folders and filters are automatically created for content with Company Promoted Tags


Use SMS Channels to interact directly with customers

  • Give customers pre-configured numbers to reach the teams you assign via SMS
  • Multiple people from your teams can join the session but only messages marked will be sent via SMS
  • Session and contact details are captured in Corral


Integrations expand the features of Rodio – giving employees one place for work and work-related communications. Meet your teams where they are and centralize mobile workplace tools and systems.

  • Configure SSO integrations to compatible web applications and third-party apps
  • Create dashboard components with data from third-party API’s
  • Configure access to integrations with the power and flexibility of Rodio’s attributes and rules in Corral

"Rodio is going to help us drive product training as the wireless retail world grows and changes with 5G technology.”

– Trevor Ralph, Director of Marketing