News Flash! Rodio is acquired by FORM+GoSpotCheck’s mobile field management platform for teams. Check it out here.

Rodio has successfully supported your  front-line organizations for over two years. As a result of our learnings, and the environment we are all operating in, we are releasing major upgrades to Rodio designed to help our customers  adapt to the challenges our critical workers are facing today.

Now more than ever, your people need access to, and engagement with, you and your support teams. Front-line workers are essential, as they provide some of the most important services to our society. These are the businesses that will lead the way into the “new norm.”  All eyes are focused on how you will lead and support your people, keep them and your customers safe and ensure consistency across all of your locations.

To help you meet these rising demands, we are releasing a major upgrade to Rodio with key features to help you support your front-line including:

Upgraded Bulletins

Make critical announcements to the right people at the right time and know you’ve been heard

Company Promoted Tags

Elevate the topics that matter most to your organization

SMS Session Channels

Deliver virtual services for your customers, like off-site/off-hours support and curbside pick-up

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