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Specialty Retail

Use simplified front-line store communications to save between 3% and 8% of annual payroll costs, due to employee turnover and wasted time, grow store sales by up to 20%, and be fully deployed and onboarded in under a week.

Rodio is priced specifically for front-line focused organizations

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Rodio for Specialty Retail

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Rodio at Work for Retail

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Case Studies

Frontline Impact 

5,000 Employee, 1,500+ Location Wireless Retail Store-in-Store Operation


  • Dozens of “friends and family” messaging applications deployed by local managers due to lack of unified communication platform
  • Inability to drive top-down messaging and action
  • Frustration and confusion on the front-line; uncontrolled misinformation and liability for the company


  • Single communication platform from top executives to store associates
  • Shared awareness and visibility of goals and performance
  • Continually improving store sales

“The… results are in, and [we] are seeing higher engagement levels and positive performance results by employing a newer and better way to communicate with [our] teams (Rodio)”

VP of Innovation and New Services

250 Employee Wireless Retail Chain


  • No front-line communication ability for corporate to reach store staff


  • Transformed store culture to one of constant awareness, customer service and shared best practices and accomplishments

“We have been using Rodio to encourage team collaboration across our entire organization to troubleshoot customer questions and share important information. Rodio has allowed our leaders to communicate best practices, keep employees engaged, be updated on our latest training, and celebrate accomplishments. Rodio has become our one stop shop for information.”

Manager of Omnichannel Operations

Disaster Communications to Retail Employees during Severe Weather Conditions


  • Labor intensive manual data collection to accurately target high-impact crisis communications during a natural disaster
  • Inability to know communications received acknowledged at time of need


  • Leverage powerful Rodio organization attributes with enterprise location and assignment data and external weather services data
  • Communication targeting adjusted dynamically as conditions change
  • Receive acknowledgments in real-time to every announcement

“Rodio changed the game for emergency communications. Having one place to admin multiple layers of content targeting attributes lets us proactively plan and prepare employees during crises. What took three days of manual work and had poor and unclear results has been reduced to an hour and we get instant and complete confirmation that we reached our people successfully.”

Store Operations 

8,000 Employee Retail Services Company Serving 35+ Brands and Retailers Across 30,000+ Locations, Annually


  • Fragmented and complicated systems and completely isolated field teams


  • Unified and custom branded employee engagement platform with consistent “4+ out of 5 star” ratings from field
  • > 80% first pass acknowledgement of top-down communications across the entire organization

“We needed to engage our people... and previously we used different technologies to do so... To remain best in class at what we do, we needed to address how to better engage our team members. We needed a solution that simplified their lives and made working for us easier and more productive; a cleaner way to engage them via... their preferred method of communication.”

– EVP Retail Services Business

550 Employee Wireless Retailer and Virtual Retail Management Services Providers, Annually


  • Using “GroupMe” to stay connected with store teams
  • Administrative nightmare
  • Impossible to keep the right people in the right channels
  • Impossible to get top-down announcements read, acknowledged and acted on


  • Accurate and timely onboarding to platform
  • Integration of video and store sales reporting for unified “rallies”
  • Constant intraday action on store-by-store sales performance and activities
  • 20% increase in sales
  • Reduced turnover
  • Dramatically improved customer feedback across all locations

“[Our innovative, centralized management services, powered by our people and the Rodio app] has literally changed the way we operate our 174 stores. We have witnessed a 20% increase in sales, decreased employee turnover, and are able to deliver a better experience for our customers. It was the single most important, and best decision we have made in the 10+ year history of the company.”

CEO and Founder


Workforce Communications Simplified

Unify Communications

Connect your corporate staff to your dynamic front-line workforce, break down silos and drastically increase collaboration and action.


Deliver Critical Information

Receive instant acknowledgement on announcements and enjoy at least 80% first pass read results on announcements.

Drive Internal Discussions

Employees will discuss key trends and topics in your organization and your company can promote  the topics that matter most to make related content easy to discover and reference.

Build A Communication Strategy

You will be able to integrate your communication strategy into your HR enterprise to automate user creation, role assignment and feature permission.

Engage Customers

Give customers seamless virtual access to store employees, and their expertise, through text messaging into Rodio SMS channels. Your support staff can rally around your customer experience both in and out of the store.

Outperform The Competition

Be a leader in employee engagement during times of crisis, like COVID-19, and have a leg up on your competition during massive market opportunities, like 5G.

Key Platform features

Built For The Frontline 

Features That Meet Your Unique Needs


We combine the best features of personal and professional messaging applications, with specialized tools and features that we designed, to help you use communications to drive action, provide support and empower your people to experience and share their success.

Rodio was built by operators who have put personal sweat equity into the front-line workforce for more than 40 years, combined. When you work with us, you will realize that we understand your needs inside and out because we’ve lived the lives of those in your organization.





Bulletins deliver effective top-down communications for your most important messages. 



Create an environment of engagement and support for your teams while being confident in the security of your data.


Take control of your organization’s discussion by elevating the power of content tagging with Rodio’s unique Company Promoted Tags.



Prioritize important content to help your employee’s keep organized and easily access important documents.


The Rodio Home dashboard is a “one-stop-shop” for key updates. Configure this space to keep teams informed and focused on your goals.


Meet your teams where they are and centralize mobile workplace tools and systems.


Platform Pricing Ideal for the Front-Line

Starting at $2.50 Per User Per Month