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The pace of business transformation resulting from new technologies is staggering and continues to accelerate. More work and tasks are automated everyday. Regardless, the sale and delivery of goods and services still depends on people, and people depend on timely access to information and relationships. In industries like retail, hospitality, health care and staffing, the front-line worker is at the center of this reality.

Our mission is to empower your front-line teams to be successful in the fulfillment of your mission. Empowerment comes from connecting your employees to each other, and to their work, in a seamless, unified and engaging way. In short, we believe that communication is an amazing catalyst for improved execution.

We know that the front-line worker is your most adaptable, creative and self-motivated team member. We understand that they have the biggest aggregate impact on your sales, your productivity and your customer impression. We also understand that they are often dispersed, isolated and disconnected from the center of your operations. They are generally the most underserved by enterprise communication and engagement solutions.

We see field leaders turning to “friends and family” applications and creating successful silos of communication, but leaving companies exposed to security and governance concerns. We also occasionally see companies utilizing office-grade communication platforms, but becoming overwhelmed with the increased administrative burden, as these were not designed to manage the communication needs of large, dispersed front-line organizations.

We want to give you a better option for your people and for your mission. 

Our leadership team has decades of combined expertise working with technology and front-line staffing and service delivery. Our experiences and perspectives led to our company’s mission because we all agree: If a company’s front-line teams are not equipped to overcome the day-to-day realities, obstacles and challenges of their jobs, they will not be successful executing your mission.

So, we built Rodio, a mobile-first platform that aligns your organization’s resources, provides specialized engagement and communication tools to reach them the right way, and integration solutions that simplify their access to your other field-facing systems. 

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Dan Barton
CEO of Rodio INC.